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Boarding VAR @ CES 2018 - January 9-12

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VR Sickness ?

As for motion sickness, VR sickness occurs when your eyes and your inner ears get 2 different signals. When using a VR/AR system, you see virtual movement that your inner ears can't feel. That's how you start feeling uncomfortable.

Our Solution

Boarding VAR® can be built into any VR/AR device. It creates a horizontal plane into your peripheral field of view. It brings to your eyes an inertial reference similar to your inner ears. The sensorial conflict is then impossible : motion sickness is avoided !

The Team

Meet our anti-motion sickness squad

Antoine Boarding VAR

Antoine - CEO

Ex-French Team judoka, he now fights motion sickness with as much motivation !


Hubert - Chairman

After more than 20 years in the optics industry, he invented the Boarding VAR® solution.

Marilou Boarding VAR

Marilou - Business Dev.

Marilou's already spent 2 years in the US since she graduated from Sciences Po Aix.

Renaud Boarding VAR

Renaud - Head of R&D

He is the tech guy. Renaud co-developed the first Boarding VAR® prototype.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Industry

40 %

of people may suffer from

VR/AR sickness

6.3 M

VR devices shipped in 2016

85 %

average annual growth forecast

in the next 4 years


+33 6 24 31 35 69